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UV Curing Lamps

Ultraviolet curing lamps

Originally introduced in the 1960’s, UV curing has made inroads into many industries including electronics, graphic arts, label printing, CD-DVD replication, bottle, cup and plastic decorating, wood finishing, UV-coaters and digital printing. There is some discussion whether the process was developed for environmental reasons or energy efficiency with environmental advantages as a secondary advantage. Regardless, ultraviolet (UV) curing is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry. In today’s economy, running a lean business is no longer an option. UV curing helps your bottom-line by replacing conventional solvent and water-based thermal drying processes offering increased productivity, product and environmental improvements.

All UV curing systems have certain core components including ultraviolet curing lamps. TCS Technologies is a leading USA based ultraviolet lamp manufacturer. We offer a cost effective alternative to the OEM product. In many cases the OEM no longer exists yet their UV lamps live on at TCS Technologies. Likewise the proliferation of Chinese UV drying equipment needs a USA source for replacement UV curing lamps. We are positioned to be your source for finest quality UV lamps and replacement UV curing components.

Ultraviolet curing lamps

There are many companies selling UV curing lamps over the internet. Let me assure you, 90% of the resellers sell product from China, India or the Far East. With TCS Technologies, you are dealing directly with a UV lamp manufacturer based in the USA. You can pay more but you will not find a better lamp than from TCS Technologies! The vast majority of our lamps are priced under $160.00. Compare this to your current supplier; compare availability and lamp performance, you will see why savvy customers are switching to TCS Technologies.

There are simply too many variations of UV curing lamps; hence it is impractical to list every lamp we manufacture. 

The table below references the most common UV curing lamps manufactured by TCS Technologies. Click on the manufacturer’s name to see specific data sheet.