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Just as the name implies, UV cure adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to UV light. They produce a transparent, lasting bond offering high strength and exceptional durability. They have found widespread use in the medical device and electronic industry. Applications include glassware production, medical supplies such as catheters and syringe manufacture along with potting and encapsulating for electronics.

Major players in the UV cure adhesive industry are Dymax, ITW Devcon, Loctite (Henkel-Loctite) and Permabond. Both Dymax and Loctite offer a full range of UV light curing equipment. Central to the equipment is a UV curing lamp.

TCS Technologies manufactures several UV bulbs for use with UV cure adhesives. Lamps are 100% compatible with OEM bulb and provide consistent UV output with better overall value. UV cure adhesive equipment models come and go but their replacement UV lamps live on at TCS Technologies.

We manufacture replacement lamps for the following UV light curing equipment:


Lamp 36970. This is a 400-watt replacement lamp for use in Dymax flood equipment such as 2000-EC and 5000-EC. Internal fill of lamp is mercury producing high UVB and UVA. We manufacture our lamp from ozone-free quartz eliminating the need for external ventilation. Our replacement 36970 lamp provides excellent surface cure when using Dymax acrylates. Lamp is also used in the following Dymax equipment:

ECE 2000, ECE 5000, 5000-PC, 5000-AS, 2000-PC, 2000-AS, 1200-EC, 1200-PC, 1200-AS, BondBox, PC-2, PC-5 and Porta-Ray



Lamp 38560. This is the most common 400-watt replacement lamp for use in Dymax flood equipment such as 2000-EC and 5000-EC. Lamp incorporates mercury with iron and tin iodide (metal halide) for maximum UVA output. It provides higher depth of cure than mercury bulb 36970. Lamp is also produced from ozone-free quartz. Our replacement lamp 38560 is a universal lamp capable of curing most Dymax acrylates. It is also used in ADAC CureZone, CureZone 2 and CureZone HO systems.


Lamp 38465. This is a 200-watt metal halide bulb complete with dichroic reflector and special electrical connector. Lamp is 100% compatible with OEM bulb and designed for use with Dymax Blue Wave 200 UV curing spot system. Energy output is concentrated in the UVA and visible portion of the spectrum—300 to 460 nanometers. Lamp is ozone-free and ideal for light curing adhesives, potting and UV coatings. Lamp part number 38465 is an entire assembly consisting of 200-watt metal halide lamp mounted in an elliptically focused glass reflector. To enhance lamp performance we vacuum deposit a dichroic coating reflecting UV while allowing infrared (IR) to transmit thru reflector. The result is maximum UV and minimum heat. Because we provide an entire assembly, bulb replacement takes less than one minute.


TCS Technologies has been manufacturing ultraviolet curing lamps for 34 years. We know what we are doing. We are especially proud of our replacement lamp 38465. UV output is slightly (3%) higher than the OEM Dymax lamp, color temperature and curing durability identical going out 2000 hours. We offer excellent value at a price point 30% less than the OEM. You can pay more but you will not find a better Dymax replacement lamp than from TCS Technologies.

Loctite (Henkel-Loctite)

Lamp 97246. This is a 400-watt lamp incorporating mercury with iron and cobalt iodide (metal halide) for maximum UVA and UVB output. It provides superior depth of cure and is fabricated from ozone-free quartz eliminating the need for external ventilation. Our lamp is 100% compatible with the OEM Loctite product. Lamp is used in the following Loctite equipment: Zeta 7400, Zeta 7410, Zeta 7411, Zeta 7411-S, 98027, 98039 and 98413 UV Flood Systems. Additionally it is used in UV Chamber 97031 and Portable Hand-held UV Flood 1113131.


Lamp 980161. This is a 1500-watt medium pressure mercury lamp with high intensity output in UVA and UVB range. Arc length is 5-inches (127 mm) and lamp is rated at 300-watts per inch. It is used in Loctite 980160 High Intensity Unshielded UV Light Source.

The UV bulb is the key component to your UV light curing equipment. TCS Technologies is an American manufacturer of second-source replacement curing lamps. Our bulbs seamlessly integrate into the UV cure adhesive process with consistent and stable output. Why pay inflated prices. Dealing directly with the manufacturer provides better value on 100% compatible product.