Ultraviolet UV Curing Lamps & Lights Manufacturer



It seems like every day one opens a trade journal to find a new digital printer offered. Many printers come from the Far East with unbranded UV curing lamps. Not to worry, machines may come and go but their UV lamps live on at TCS Technologies. There is a night and day difference between most Chinese lamps and ones we manufacture.We specialize in being able to clone almost any UV curing lamp. Simply send us a lamp to match. It does not need to be new but it must light. We have no minimum order and ship worldwide.

Printers and or UV dryers supported include:

Yaselan Docan Shanghai Docan Digital
Zund Honle Microcraft
Infiniti Lexjet Jetrix
Honle UV Inktec MTL Print
Mutoh NUR America Pitman
PrismaJet Spuhl GCC
Toshiba Sigmajet 3M
Dyss DuPont Dyss
Azon Demarco Grapo
Handtop Polytype America Aster Jet
Jetrix 2030 FRK MTL Print Meita


Yaselan Picasso Picasso YSL-D1600FBUV Microcraft MJP KNHbr
Microcraft CPL Microcraft CPK 6151 Microcraft CPM
DuPont 22 DuPont 22UVse Infiniti UV 1612S
Lexjet Legend 72HUV Inktec Jetrix 3015FQ Jetrix 2513FRQ
Inktec Jetrix 2030FRK Nurstar 305D Mutoh Zephyr 65
Mutoh Cobra S100UV Mutoh Cobra S65UV Nur Tempo
NUR Expedio Tempo PrismaJet HR 1600 Spuhl Virtu RS35
Gandi Galaxy 3348 Toshiba F180 Toshiba F1-1800UV
Docan M6 Jetrix 3015 Jetrix 1212
Sigmajet (Grapo) Gemini Sigmajet (Grapo) Octopus Zund UVjet 215
Zund UVjet 215-C Zund UVjet 215-Plus Zund UVjet 250
DuPont Cromaprint Dyss Apollo Dyss Apollo 2616-24
Dyss Apollo 2630-20 Jetrix 1212FK TeckSmart 1600UV


UV curing lamps include:


Subzero 085H Subzero 085A Vzero 085D
Subzero 055A 6505A4C Subzero 170H
134-5010 1922F-1 Vzero 140D
Vzero 140H E90DY000 HR85165
2-211-0489-10 AA034 H700
H700-2 A16869N A16869NAS
A12923N Subzero 140D A31664
A33515N A36748N A34352NAS
A36204N A19429N A17475N
A44689 A74689 6810A4CHD-2DF
UVH-2522-40 TH1207 Vzero 085A
S6505A4CHG S6505A4C 650504C
Subzero 085 Subzero 170 Subzero 220
Subzero 280 Subzero 140