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Cup Printing Lamps

Cup Printing Lamps

Cups, pails and tubes are well suited for decoration using UV inks. This technique lends itself to both high and low volume applications. Methods include pad and screen printing as well as reverse letterpress.​​ 

The most popular lamp for cup/bottle printing is the standard mercury (Hg) lamp. It is long lived, lower cost and performs well over a wide range of coatings.​​ Gallium iodide doped lamps are used in applications requiring​​ white ink.​​ 

Popular names include Polytype, Van Dam, Metal Box and Kase Equipment. A new generation of Chinese equipment has appeared on the horizon. Not to worry,​​ TCS Technologies can clone most Chinese lamps with higher quality, American made product.

American made start to finish,​​ we​​ provide high quality, dependable UV curing lamps at a price point competing with Far Eastern bulbs. Better value, higher quality, advantage TCS Technologies.

cup UV lamps:

Here is a partial listing of plastic bottle and cup UV lamps:​​ 

Printers and curing systems:

ACT Kammann Polytype UViterno
American M&M Kase ​​ Rosairo UV-TOP
American Ultraviolet Kase Equipment RUV-300RF Van Dam
AWT Metal Box Spin Cure Van Dam Machine
Desco OSMO Systematic Automation
Isimat Newman Equipment Ultralight

 UV curing lamps

Common UV curing lamps used in plastic printing include

060-2538 8MD ISI 2219/45H-70 PM426
080-2587 ACT310 ISI 3019/42H-5 SLI 106CDT182
080-258VL AM2398X M200U/A SLI 79
150BTZ/DF 6kva AM2976X MB1163 T-55010200 BTZ/DF
150BTZ/DF 8kva AM3127X MB1235 UCH-2437-254
200BTZ/DF AM3227X MB426 UV8
22-250G AQM3141X MB426C UV-8
36-150 E94725A MCTZ 6015SD UVH-2436-258
6807A444 E95562 MCTZ8015 UVL426C
6808A445 HC402A06 Mono-Jumbo UVL426MB
6808A5C1 HT-5260 Mono-Jumbo 6015 UVT3300
6810A446 HT-5280 PM1163 717231596000
6812A431 HT-6260 PM1164 6812A443
6812A445 ISI 1019/25 PM1235 6806A443
6825A431 ISI 2219/45 PM411 140QBX