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CD DVD Printing Lamps

CD DVD Printing Lamps

UV curing plays an essential role in decorating, coating and bonding of CD-DVD’s and Blu-Ray optical media. Applications include:

Screen ink decorating—CD’s and Blu-Ray discs are screen-ink printed on non-data side for promotional and decorative purposes. It is a cost efficient way for musicians, filmmakers and photographers to showcase their work and advertise their services.

Clear coat protection—Typically applied by spin-coat method, a UV curable clear coat is applied to the data side of the disk. This affords higher scratch and abrasion resistance.

Bonding UV resin in DVD’s—most DVD’s are constructed from 2-disks compressed and glued together using UV activated adhesive.

All optical media applications require longer wavelength (UVA) lamps. TCS Technologies offers high performance replacement lamps to fit most CD-DVD-Blu-Ray printing and finishing lines. Our line of UV curing lamps has defined dependability for over 36 years.

Since 1979 TCS Technologies has been manufacturing high quality UV lamps here in the USA. There are many companies selling UV curing lamps over the internet, 90% are resellers providing product from China, India or the Far East. You may be able to spend less but you will not find a better value than purchasing from TCS Technologies.

  • We have been manufacturing UV curing lamps for 36 years. We know what we are doing
  • Our lamps are directly interchangeable with OEM product
  • Our lamps come complete with OEM electrical connectors. No modification needed.
  • Our UV lamps are consistent performers with predictable life.
  • Proudly made in America using American parts and labor.
  • Manufacturer direct pricing.
  • Consider service, delivery, support, turnaround and improvement in output performance; it is easy to understand how we can save you money.

High performance UV curing lamps are available for most systems including: