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UV Components & Accessories

Inkjet UV Lamp Installation Service

UV INKJETMany inkjet printers utilize a Subzero UV curing system manufactured by Integration Technology. The UV lamp is integrated into a cassette. In order to replace the UV lamp the entire reflector assembly must also be replaced. The theory is to provide a simple method of updating the UV dryer. Like any theory, it has its faults. The main detraction is cost. It is not uncommon to spend

$600.00 to $1,000.00 to replace the OEM cassette. Factor in that some machines incorporate two cassettes, the bill can be

staggering. Rather than needlessly spending a lot of money, TCS Technologies has an alternative solution. We take your existing cassette, install a new TCS Technologies UV curing lamp, remove any ink deposits and polish the reflector. You will realize a 60% savings over the OEM product without sacrificing performance.

Installing a lamp into a cassette takes time and patience. There are several companies over the internet that provide instructions how to change the Subzero lamp yourself. We are not proponents of thismethod. Unless you are handy with tools and have a firm grasp of electrical techniques, we urge you leave installation to a professional. Many people out there are like my father-in-law. They have a blueprint in their mind. After the cassette is taken apart they have extra pieces left over. Worse yet, they do not seat the lamp properly and the lamp wire overheats. At TCS Technologies we inspect and test each cassette. The pressure screws on the OEM cassette are always suspect. We replace them. We perform a ground test and continuity test on each lamp assembly. We know what to look for and will tell you if the cassette is able to be refurbished.

Our value added service eliminates guesswork and provides a turnkey approach for lamp replacement. We do all this for $65.00 plus the price of the lamp. You save money and we take the guesswork out of the equation.

As with any technology-based machine, the list often changes. These are just a few inkjet printers using cassette style UV curing lamps



UV Reflector Liners

Medium pressure UV lamps emit polychromatic radiation; approximately 33% is in the “UV curing” range. TCS Technologies offers spectrally enhanced, highly polished aluminum with a reflectivity rating of 93%. This compares favorably to most OEM reflectors with only an 85% reflectivity.

Material is available in two versions:

  1. 2′ by 4′ flat sheets. Choose from .012”, .020” or .030” thickness. This affordable material can be cut to size and attached to your reflector housing.
  2. Formed reflectors and reflector liners. These are custom formed to your specifications. Liners are available to fit many UV lamp housings.

Since 65 percent of the UV energy reaching the substrate is reflected light; UV reflector maintenance is a simple way to guarantee your UV system is running at maximum efficiency. Designed to focus and maximize UV exposure on the substrate; it is essential to keep liners clean and replace them when the reflector’s finish is diminished.


High Voltage Wire

Sold by the foot, this high temperature, high voltage wire is used to connect the UV lamp to the ballast or anywhere electrical integrity is paramount.
Wire is specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment of the UV system. It resists ozone and remains flexible even at elevated temperatures.




Wire is available in two variations:

  • 2200 volt 12 awg (part # 636)
  • 3000 volt 14 awg (part # 647)

Wire is silver stranded Teflon and has a temperature rating of 250 degrees Celsius.


High Voltage Relays

In conventional magnetic ballast/capacitor power supplies there is often a need to switch UV lamp power levels. The most popular switching method utilizes a high voltage mercury relay.  This allows complete electrical isolation between control and controlled circuit. These switches are manufactured specifically to withstand the high voltage demands of UV curing lamps. Our mercury relays offer an economical and safe method of switching UV lamp power.UV power supplies operate at high ambient temperatures.  Mercury relays/switches are well suited for use in this environment. Load terminals are isolated from each other by a glass-to-metal hermetic seal. Internally the “plunger assembly” floats on a pool of mercury-hence the name mercury relay. When the coil is activated, this assembly is magnetically drawn into this pool displacing mercury to make contact with an internal electrode, closing (in the case of normally open relay) the circuit between load terminals. Our 15 amp high-voltage mercury relay is ideal for applications such as UV lamp circuits. Dielectric insulating voltage exceeds 15,000V AC between load terminals and coil circuit.

Easily mounted, these relays offer long term reliability and compact size. Mercury relays are position-sensitive and must be mounted vertically to work properly. 

Pictured below is a typical UV curing operating circuit showing UV ballast, capacitors, mercury relays and UV curing lamp placement.


Ceramic Standoffs

Ceramic standoffs provide a safe transition for the high voltages associated with UV curing systems. They should be inspected every 200 hours of operation.

TCS Technologies offers direct replacement OEM-compatible standoffs for a variety of UV curing systems including Aetek, Brewer UV, Hanovia, Prime UV and UV Technology.

Ceramic standoffs are stocked for immediate shipment. We can also fabricate custom ceramic parts to meet your requirements.


Ultraviolet Safety Glasses



  • Full size polycarbonate lenses that shield 99.9% of UVA and UVB light
  • Shatter resistant
  • Zero distortion lenses
  • Hard coated, scratch resistant lenses
  • Precision engineered to provide maximum eye protection and visual clarity

Have you tried “economy priced” safety glasses and found that you can’t stand wearing them after 15 minutes because they cause eyestrain or headaches? The lenses in our safety glasses are SUPERIOR quality, with no distortion. That means they stay comfortable even if you have to wear them all day along.

Two styles available:


Ultraviolet Ballasts

If the ultraviolet lamp is the heart of your curing system, then the ballast is the system’s soul. Ballasts control the power in curing lamps, provide instantaneous high voltage and sustain the plasma. TCS Technologies offers replacement ballasts perfectly matched for your curing process. Ballasts are custom manufactured to meet your requirements.

We offer two types of ballasts magnetic (conventional) and electronic. Magnetic ballasts are the tried-and-true workhorse of the industry. They are used in dryers such as those made by American Ultraviolet, Brewer UV, Cefla, Liberty Apollo, Mark Andy, M&R, Prime UV and SPE. Electronic ballasts are compact and energy efficient. They are best suited for compact UV curing systems.




Besides custom magnetic ballasts, TCS Technologies offers a limited line of electronic ballasts. Presently we offer several electronic ballasts that operate small arc (1.5” to 5”) mercury or iron iodide lamps. Designed with the “do it yourself-er” in mind, ballasts are matched to provide turnkey 200 to 400 watt per inch ballast/lamp combination. They operate off 120 volt power and provide a compact and affordable curing solution. Presently we offer 400, 660 and 1000 watt for 120 volt operation and 1,500 watt for 208-240 volt operation.



Conveyor Belts

Providing exceptional UV resistant properties, these Teflon coated woven fiberglass conveyor belts are a must have for any curing installation. Our belts combine strength, wear resistance with maximum airflow providing excellent overall value. Belts are custom sized to your specifications.