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mercury lampScreen printing encompasses a broad spectrum of applications including fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, binders, decals, bottles, cups, pails, glass, wood, ceramics, textiles, flooring, metal, plastics and outdoor advertising.

Common to most screen printing operations is a UV (ultraviolet) curing lamp. Compared to conventional drying techniques, UV curing has many advantages including economic. Screen printers know that ultraviolet curing saves money. More and more screen printers are discovering why TCS Technologies helps them save even more!

TCS Technologies manufacturers UV curing lamps for virtually all screen dryers. They are directly interchangeable with most screen equipment including American M&M, American Ultraviolet, AMJO, Argon, Brewer UV, Desco, Dorn SPE, Dubois, Dubuit, FMA (Frank Matthews), Hanovia, Interchange Equipment, Isimat, Kase Equipment, Koch, Liberty Apollo, M&R, Natgraph, Newman Equipment, OSMO, Precision, Sias, SPE, Steinemann, Suncure, Svecia, Tec Lighting, UV Research, UViterno, UV-Top and Van Dam.


Even though many of the screen-equipment companies are no longer in business, their lamps and replacement parts live on at TCS Technologies. Many dryers now originate in China. Sold mostly by trading companies, replacement lamps are difficult or impossible to come by. Not to worry, TCS Technologies can clone almost any curing lamp. Simply send us a lamp to match. It need not be new but it must light. Your investment is safe and you will receive a better product than offered in China.

The most popular lamp for screen printing is the standard mercury (Hg) lamp. It is long lived, lower cost and performs well over a wide range of coatings. Selecting the right light source, one whose emission spectrum  your UV formulation, sometimes requires metal halide lamps. White pigmented coatings benefit from exposure to a gallium doped mercury lamp. Adding iron to a mercury lamp produces a broader spectral distribution. Additive lamps cost more and have a shorter useful life. In general, operation of metal halide lamps requires special ballast. Close attention must be paid to lamp cooling.

Over the years we have built a reputation for delivering performance, dependability, quality and value. Our UV curing lamps (bulbs) are designed for optimal dryer performance and output quality.


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