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UV Coater Lamp

UV Coater Lamp

There are a multitude of UV coaters in operation today. UV finishes adds high-value appeal to items such as calendars, business and post cards along with direct mail offerings. UV coaters provide a cost-effective, high profit revenue source.

Like any machine cycle, USA made UV coaters have given way to re-branded Chinese machines. Most companies distribute Chinese machines with English sounding names. One look under the hood will confirm you cannot visit the local electrical supply house for replacement parts.

Many Chinese machines are sold by trading companies. They buy from company A today and company B tomorrow. Obtaining replacement parts can be problematic, especially replacement UV lamp. Not to worry, TCS Technologies can produce a USA manufactured lamp to keep your coater running. No order is too small and we ship worldwide

We offer replacement ultraviolet lamps for coaters sold by:

Alliance Technology Duplo Kwik Finish
Al’s Co UV EZ Koat Royo
American Ultraviolet Frank Matheus Sakurai
Apollo Frank Matthews Steinemann
AUV Graphic Whizard Svecia
Derjor Harris & Bruno TEC Lighting
Dorn Kompac TOC Industrial Machinery
Drytac Kompac Technologies TOC Maquinas Industriales
Ultra Pro UV Research Ultra-Coater
Vivid Coater Xtracoat Trucoat

TCS Technologies

UV coater machines and or lamps include:


6812A443 6860A444 Kwik Finish 20T
2140 6831A443 P3018C
2140KURZ 97325 P3018C-FM
28400 AM3587X P3024C
2840C AM920 P3024C-FM
2870 AM920X P3030C
32400 AM920X 52cm P3030C-FM
38400 AM920X 56cm P3032C
42400 AM920X 60cm 6832A4C
610B0915 AM920X 76cm 6539A446
611S1225 Drytac XL60 UV-0007
6818A4C G509054 DU21-10005-C
6821A442 HT9280 EzKoat
6822A4C Kompac 97325 Z2534-LMP
6831A443 Kompac EZ Koat 20 6842A442
6842A442 Kompac Kwik Finish 20 AccuCure
P3060C P3830C Royo UV-920A
Tec 2140 Vivid Coater XDC-530 Micro Xtracoat

We are especially proud of our ability to clone lamps used in Chinese UV coaters. A used but still lighting lamp is all we need. There is no obligation and no minimum order.