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Wood Finishing Lamps

Using light instead of heat, the UV curing process has been in existence over 50-years. History has proven it a better alternative to solvent-based coatings, offering many​ ​ benefits including​​ no environmental pollutants, no solvents to evaporate, no long drying tunnels, no wasted floor space and no loss of coating volume.

UV finishing is environmentally responsible, increases solvent resistance, durability, save space and saves you money. What’s not to like.

Many cabinet shops and furniture manufacturers are now using ultraviolet (UV) curing. Cabinet doors are ideal candidates and greatly benefit by being able to be immediately handled post finishing. Moldings and intricate shapes can be sprayed and instantly cured in specially designed curing chambers.

ultraviolet (UV) curing

There are many established players in the wood finishing UV equipment industry. These include Aagaard-Finnrose,​​ American Ultraviolet,​​ Barberan, Cattinair, Cefla, Delle Vedove (DV-Systems), Deimco, Dubois, Giardina, Hymmen,​ ​ IST,​​ Makor and Efsen Engineering. As is the case with many industrial processes, established American and European names have given way to those from the Far East. Not to worry, our ability to clone Chinese lamps is unrivaled. There is little comparison between lamps from China and those manufactured​​ in USA​ ​ by TCS Technologies.

The UV spectrum is divided into four regions: UVA (310 to 390 nm), UVB (280 to 310 nm), UVC (250 to 280 nm) and UVV (390 to 445 nm). For clear UV-curable​​  coatings,​​ (top-coat) UVA and UVB output is critical. Here the standard mercury lamp excels.

The most popular lamp for UV wood finishing is the standard mercury (Hg) lamp. It is long-lived and performs well over a wide range of coatings

UV wood finishing

Many wood profile products use highly pigmented​​ stains and​ ​ coatings, especially white. For white coatings thicker than 1.5 mils, a gallium-doped bulb (high UVV output) followed by a regular mercury bulb provides optimum depth of cure together with good surface cure. Always remember, since the gallium iodide bulb provides depth of cure, it should be used before the mercury bulb.

gallium iodide bulb

A typical UV wood finishing line combines one (1) gallium iodide lamp followed by two (2) or three (3) mercury lamps. Gallium provides depth of cure for pigmented stains while mercury lamp provides surface cure.

Gallium iodide lamps cost more and have a shorter useful life. In general, operation of gallium lamps requires special ballast. Mercury lamps operate fine with metal halide​ ​ (gallium) ballast but often​​  you cannot run a gallium lamp with mercury ballast.​​ Certain equipment uses electronic power supplies capable of operating mercury or gallium lamps.​ ​ 

Choose from our extensive range of mercury and gallium iodide lamps for most wood finishing equipment including:

American UV Cattinair Disa Cattinair Delle Vedove
DV-Systems Deimco Dubois Giardina
Eltosch Koch Superfici Aagaard-Finnrose
Hymmen Efsen Engineering Hanovia Makor
Barberan IST AUV Cefla
Cefla Finishing Burkle Finishing

Cefla Finishing

There is a multitude of lamp variations used in UV wood finishing. The table below references common UV curing lamps manufactured by TCS Technologies. Many more are available.​​ Contact us for additional details.

011172TR 270302 6254600067 0740421
28-625-00132 6555A12C 109502 28-625-00240
6556AC41 111140000000E 30L02182 6559AP41
1319BM 311831 Elmag 6565A443 1400/Max
400-300 GA 6575A441 1400MC/TR 601100063
6610AP44 1400MCX/TR 601100063 6612AP41
1419BMZ 601100064 6612IP41 1425QX/GA
1425AQX/GA 601100087 6825AP41 601100275
6855A441 1932 601100276 6855A444
2-1330 601100284 6865A461 2-1678
601100289 825AMZX-1 2478 6254600024
825AMZX-GA-1 951 A94481MCD DUHM355/C-410
9-52D011-000 A94551MCB DUHM360-C 9-52D016-000
A94601MCB DUHM360-C-410 9-52D018-000 A9461MCB
H15K/56/083/3516 9-52D019-000 A94651MCB H15K/56/5C23S1
A604042 AM2241X H15K/56AC/083/3516-G H15K/56AC/5C24S1
A94111FCB AM3526X A94111MCB AM5760X
H18K/60AC/083 A94121MCB AM579X H18K/60AC/108752
A94122MCB AN334205 H18K/60AC+/5C24S1 A94181MCB
AN334207 HA312-C A94182MCB BMZ80W/Hg
HA342-C2 A94251GCB CK1500 HA355C
A94251MCB Cefla HG330/0 A94481GCB
UVH14224-4 1419BM LT322430 UVH16522-0
6555A431 MD9 UVH19022-0 6856A5C1932
PM211700 UVH20022 6859A5C5 T923-380
UVH2028-8 DU6830A3SHD UV200BPY/DF/GA/5 Y15K/56AC/5C23S1
UVH14022-0 HM330/C 410-DV DUHA360-C Y18K/60AC/5C23S1

Far Eastern finishing equipment use UV lamps from China. Most are not branded and difficult to source. Not to worry, TCS Technologies is the “king of clones”. We can take any used but lighting lamp and clone it. Our lamps are superior to anything you can purchase from China. American lamps with American workers, advantage TCS Technologies.