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Ultraviolet lamp handling

Ultraviolet (UV) curing lamps are manufactured from clear fused quartz. Quartz is very fragile. Upon receipt of the lamp, the carton should be opened fully so lamp can be lifted out of packaging with no twisting or pulling. Unpacking should take place in an area large enough to eliminate the possibility of inadvertently striking the lamp. The neck of the lamp is extremely susceptible to breaking. This is especially true of lamps with longer arc lengths. Be sure to support the lamp neck at all time.

Lamps are shipped clean and sealed in plastic. If accidentally touched, lamp must be wiped with alcohol or Windex before placing in service. Fingerprint contact with the quartz envelope must be avoided. A single fingerprint will etch the quartz surface eventually causing premature failure that will not be covered under warranty.

Lamps must be kept clean. All types of dust, powder, grease, smoke and misting ink must be cleaned from lamp. Overheating from a dirty condition will cause warping and can cause an electrical short. Electrical fittings must also be cleaned to prevent arcing between fitting and lamp ends. Always allow lamp to cool and disconnect all power prior to any cleaning.


All claims for broken lamps or missing parts must be reported within 5 calendar days of package receipt. Failure to report damage will result in claim request being denied.

Keep the broken item and ALL original packaging, including cartons and contents until the claim resolution process is finished. Failure to save all packaging will result in claim being denied.

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