Subzero Style Lamp Warranty


Subzero Style Lamp Warranty

TCS Technologies Subzero style inkjet lamp warranty

Subzero style inkjet lamp warranty July 2013 update_html_ma69ed2aUV lamp (bulb) life depends on many factors including number of starts, thermal operating conditions, power rating, additives and proper handling. Simply defined, it is the hours the lamp produces enough UV energy to properly cure the ink within the available exposure time.

The initial 200 to 250 hours of operation (idol time plus active print time), the UV output is stable. Between 250 and 450 operation hours, output decreases, eventually resulting in insufficient UV curing energy. Some inkjet printers have the ability to change lamp power settings. Switching to medium or high power increases UV output, however heat is also increased. There may be a fine balance between acceptable UV output and heat generation. Another option is to maintain heat loading by slowing print speed while the UV lamp is at low power. This option is mostly available with standard mercury filled lamps. Some lamps are additive filled. They produce higher levels of UV; however, they do not last as long and normally cannot be run at low power.

Each lamp startup reduces UV lamp life. Adjust printing schedule to keep lamp starts to a minimum. The fact that the lamp lights is not an indication of proper UV output. Most UV lamps will continue to operate long after their useful life has expired.

Warranty period is for 1 year after date of invoice or hourly guidelines whichever comes first.

  • Subzero mercury filled lamps 400 hours
  • Subzero additive (gallium, iron iodide) filled lamps 350 hours

Under normal conditions, the vast majority of TCS Technologies lamps will provide at least 500 hours of useful life. In the unlikely event of failure, pro-rata credit will be given based on the number of lamp hours. For example, a Subzero mercury lamp, which fails after 200 hours, would result in 50% credit.

This warranty applies to lamp only and cannot be expanded or modified. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and of all other obligations or liabilities on its part. All shipping costs for replacement consideration are the responsibility of the customer

Warranties do not cover the following customer related responsibilities:

  • Accidental breakage
  • Surface contamination; this is the major source of any lamp failure, including fingerprints.
  • Bowed lamps
  • Poor lamp connection as indicated by discolored end fittings.
  • Distorted and overheated tubing and overheated foil seals.
  • Normal lamp ultraviolet drop off does not indicate lamp failure
  • Lead wires burned off. Maximum allowable temperature is 200ºC

All shipping costs for replacement lamps are the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty is restricted to replacement of the lamp only and TCS Technologies shall not be responsible for any other damages, consequential or otherwise. 

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