Quartz Plate


Many wide format and digital flatbed inkjet systems incorporate quartz plates (quartz windows) in their equipment. These include Agfa Anapurna,​​ CET,​​ Dilli, Durst, EFI, Fuji, Gandi,​​ Gandy Digital,​​ Gandinnovations, HP, Hewlett Packard, Integration Technology, IP&I,​​ Jeti Titan,​​ Mimaki, Oce,​​ Sigmajet​​ and Vutek.

Quartz plates mount between​​ UV​​ lamp and the substrate. Plates serve many purposes:

* They isolate the ultraviolet lamp allowing defined areas for cooling air
* They keep cooling air away from sensitive inkjet print heads
* Help mitigate substrate temperature
* Keep misting ink off the UV lamp
* Help maintain optimum UV lamp temperature

Over time, quartz plates naturally solarize, hampering the curing process. Regular replacement should be part of any maintenance plan. This is especially true if ink misting is an issue.​​ 

Not all quartz is alike, TCS Technologies uses only American (USA) sourced materials. Our UV transmission over time is far superior to Far Eastern materials.​​ Most resellers offer Chinese material​​ full of impurities. Such “bargain” quartz is not much of a bargain factoring in total​​ production cost and inkjet printer​​ downtime.

Plates are cut to size using waterjet technology. Under extreme pressure, pure water is used to provide high precision cutting. Method is environmentally friendly producing no harmful fumes or waste.

Most providers simply cut and rough polish their quartz plates. We take it a step further, grind and optically polish maintaining a finished dimension accurate to 0.25 mm. Polishing is accomplished under constant water bath producing highest quality finished part.​​