Lamp End Caps


Lamp End Caps

Providing the correct lamp end cap is essential for proper lamp positioning. The picture above displays many of the common end caps used on our lamps. There are many more styles available. Contact TCS and we will provide dimensional drawings.

UV lamp end caps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Illustrated below are the 16 most common lamp fittings:

The 4C end cap is typically used on screen printing lamps. Its main attraction is its small size. There are better choices in end caps (see 5C) as its lack of physical support and poor insulating value can contribute to lamp problems. The 4C end cap is used on Dorn SPE, FMA and M&R style lamps.





The 5C base is an excellent end cap combining proper lamp support and electrical isolation. Often times it can be substituted for the 4C end cap. The 5C is used on American M&M, Amjo, Brewer UV, Cefla, Gallus, Ko-Pack, Liberty Apollo, Svecia and VTI lamps.



Popular among inkjet lamps, the 14C is compact and designed for ease of lamp installation.







The 6C base is primarily used on Aetek style label printing lamps. It provides excellent support.







 Another workhorse of the inkjet industry. The 12C ceramic is sturdy and reliable.







The 13C end cap is often used on optical media (CD DVD) lamps where compact size is paramount. Wire comes out the rear side to minimize lamp installation length.







Primarily used on lamps of German manufacture, the 26C provides excellent support and electrical isolation. Its main drawback is its weight. Take care when installing lamps with this base as one can easily snap the lamp end. End cap 22C is also found on certain Giardina wood finishing lamps.






The 15C end cap has a nice overall design where space is at a premium and still maintains structural integrity.



Primarily used on American Ultraviolet style UV lamps, the 22C end cap is a durable, quality selection. This design is also used on certain wood finishing lamps.






Also known as 431 (Hanovia) or 2S (Superior Quartz) base, our 4M end cap is constructed from nickel plated brass. It is vastly superior to stainless steel in terms of high temperature operation. This is the most popular metal end cap.




Another side wire base whose main attribute is small size. The 11C end cap is mainly used on label curing lamps where space is at a premium.







The 19C base offers great support and electrical isolation. It is used on certain Chinese, Brewer UV and Tec Lighting-style lamps







The 21C end cap is used in credit card and label printers. It provides excellent support and dielectric strength.







The 7C ceramic end cap is used on several Eye Graphics lamps






The HOK end cap is used on lamps found in Argon Equipment. We call it HOK end cap as it is used in Philips HOK series UV curing lamps. Take care when installing lamps with this base as one can easily snap the lamp end.





Another side wire base whose main attribute is small size. We call this GEW end cap as it is found exclusively on GEW–style label curing equipment. Due to ceramic size, take care when installing lamps with GEW base. They are easily snapped.

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