Counterfeit Subzero Lamps


Counterfeit Subzero Lamps


Counterfeit, pirated Subzero lamps and other fairy talesWhen you purchase replacement UV lamps from the printer manufacturer, you know you are getting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. An aftermarket (second-source) lamp is one that is not sourced from the printer manufacturer. When you purchase lamps from TCS Technologies, you are receiving a second-source or aftermarket lamp. We are a manufacturer of second source UV curing lamps.

Certain companies have attempted to label TCS Technologies lamps “counterfeit or pirated”.

Counterfeit means to copy with the intent to deceive; “they counterfeited dollar bills”. TCS Technologies lamps are not counterfeit rather they are second source lamps. We are the manufacturer of the product producing lamp clones and do not represent as original OEM.

Let’s keep it real; there are no Merry Men in Sherwood Forest nor are there any Bavarian elves turning out UV curing lamps. Second source lamps do not mean inferior quality.TCS Technologies has been manufacturing UV curing lamps for 34 years. We know what we are doing.

There are many false claims floating the internet as technical fact. Compare curing performance, price and warranty; you will see why TCS Technologies’ lamps compare favorably to the OEM.

  • Our lamps are directly interchangeable with OEM product
  • Our lamps are fabricated from the finest USA quartz and components
  • Our lamps operate the same power level as OEM product
  • Our lamps cure at the same rate
  • Our lamps cost less. At the time of this revision, you could have TCS Technologies rebuild 3-Subzero style cassettes for the price of 1-OEM product. You do the math; this is the primary reason for OEM discontent.

When you deal with TCS Technologies you are dealing with an actual UV lamp manufacturer. Leave Captain Jack Sparrow commanding the Black Pearl. If you want a quality, American made UV inkjet lamp, think TCS Technologies.  

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