3D Printing Lamp


Many 3D printers allow for up to (4) UV lamp changes prior to replacing the reflector assembly. There is no reason to purchase a new reflector each time you change the bulb. Save money by simply replacing the bulb yourself. Models include:

Alaris 30 Alaris 30 Pro Alaris 30U Eden 250
Eden 260 Eden 260V Eden 330 Eden 330V
Eden 350 Eden 500V Objet 24 Objet 30
Objet 30 Pro Objet 260 Dental Objet Eden 260VS Objet 30 Prime
Objet 260 Connex3 Objet 350 Connex3 Objet 500 Connex3 Objet 500 Dental
Objet 1000 Plus Stratasys J750
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