XOP series Xenon Exposure lamp

Xenon exposure lamps

The XOP series of exposure lamps are comprised of a high power discharge in a low pressure xenon atmosphere. The spectral characteristics mimic daylight. Lamps strike instantly and reach full power almost immediately. Lamps normally operate in a pulsed mode and maintain a constant color temperature throughout life. Lamps are available in four (4) wattages: 750, 1500, 4000 and 8000 watts. All lamps are constructed from ozone free quartz.

Pulsed xenon lamps are used in equipment by Nu-Arc such as models: PXA3000, FT18L-1, FT18L-2, N1500-1, PXA6000, FT26L, FT26LNS, FT32L, FT32LNS, FT40L, FT40LC, FT40LHS, FT40LNS, FT46L, FT46LNS, FT52L and FT52LNS.