UV Curing Lamps For Vutek

Vutek, known also as EFI Vutek is a respected manufacturer of super-wide roll to roll and flatbed inkjet printers. They are a major player in the digital inkjet printing market. Detailed additional information about our line or replacement UV lamps for Vutek equipment can be found under the UV Inkjet lamp button of this website.

Our UV curing lamps provide a cost effective alternative to Vutek OEM product. Our lamps offer high output, USA manufacture and predictable life.

  • Our lamp is directly interchangeable with OEM product

  • Our lamp is fabricated from the finest USA quartz and components

  • Our lamp operates the same power level as OEM product

  • Our lamp cures at the same rate

  • Our lamps cost less

The key difference between an OEM part and that provided by TCS Technologies is the distributor of the part. Inkjet manufacturers do not fabricate UV lamps themselves. TCS Technologies actually manufactures the lamps we sell. Just because a lamp is from a second source does not mean inferior quality. Our lamp quality is equal to or greater than the OEM. You receive the same quality product at a fraction of the cost.

Since 1979, we have manufactured quality UV curing lamps right here in the USA. No order is too small and we ship worldwide. Our lamps are reliable and backed by 32-years of lamp-making excellence.

Replacement lamps for Vutek printers include: