UV Curing Lamps For Loctite Equipment

Loctite is a pioneer in UV for adhesive, potting and encapsulating applications. Their product line ranges from bare UV irradiator to enclosed chamber flood UV systems. TCS Technologies offers several UV lamps for use with Loctite equipment.

  • 980161 used with Loctite 980160 high intensity unshielded UV light source

  • 97246 used with Loctite 98413 Zeta 7411-S UV system

  • 97246 used with Loctite 1113131 focused UV flood system

  • 97246 used with Loctite Zeta 7411 UV system

  • 97246 used with Loctite Zeta 7401 UV system


      • Our lamp is directly interchangeable with Loctite OEM product

      • Our lamp operates the same power level as OEM product

      • Our lamp cures at the same rate

      • Our lamp costs less

Purchasing a lamp from the OEM does not guarantee you get a better quality part. TCS Technologies provides an equivalent UV bulb at a fraction of the cost