UV Curing Lamps For Isimat Equipment

Isimat manufactures high performance printing equipment for plastic tube, cap, jar and glass bottle decorating. Many of their machines utilize UV curing. Most of our replacement Isimat lamps have been sold for high speed tube decorating. Some of the lamps use an offset (dissimilar lamp end length) design.

TCS Technologiesí UV curing lamps are directly interchangeable with the Isimat OEM bulb. You receive the same quality, USA-manufactured product at a fraction of the cost.

Compare curing performance and price; you will see why TCS Technologies' curing lamps compares favorably.

  • Our lamp is directly interchangeable with OEM product

  • Our lamp is a USA manufactured product. No long shipping delays

  • Our lamp operates the same power level as OEM product

  • Our lamp cures at the same rate

  • Our lamp costs less

Here is a partial list of Isimat equipment lamps we manufacture:

ISI 1019/25

ISI 2219/45

ISI 2219/45 rev 1