UV Curing Lamps For Chinese Equipment

When it comes to UV curing system manufacture, it seems the country that used to make everything is on the brink of making nothing. Familiar USA and European equipment names have given way to machines made in China. The majority of UV coaters and conveyor dryers are fabricated in China. Many of these systems are sold by trading companies rather than actual manufacturers. Obtaining technical information or replacement parts, especially UV lamps can be frustrating. Such “bargain” equipment is not much of a bargain if you cannot replace the UV lamp. Most items from China bear no identifying marks and are difficult to cross-reference. Not to worry, TCS Technologies offers an alternative. We can clone almost any curing lamp. Simply send us the lamp to match. It need not be new but it must light. We will reproduce the lamp; replace it faster at less cost than the OEM product. Your investment is safe and you will receive a better product than offered in China.

We have replaced many Chinese lamps however since part numbers are non-existent, it is pointless to provide our lamp numbers. We have no minimum order. If you need only one lamp there is no problem. We are easy to work with and take great pride in our work.