Vzero 085A UV Inkjet Lamps

Another very popular UV inkjet lamp, the Vzero 085A is primarily used with Agfa Anapurna and Zund printers. Lamp has a long life and cures most UV inkjet inks.

Compare curing performance, price and warranty; you will see why TCS Technologies' Vzero 085A lamps compare favorably to the OEM.

  • Our lamp is directly interchangeable with OEM product

  • Our lamp is fabricated from the finest USA quartz and components

  • Our lamp operates the same power level as OEM product

  • Our lamp cures at the same rate

  • Our lamp cost less

Let TCS Technologies reduce your cash-outlay without sacrificing curing performance. Since 1979, we have manufactured quality UV curing lamps right here in the USA. No order is too small and we ship worldwide. Our lamps are reliable and backed by 32-years of lamp-making excellence.