Vzero style UV Inkjet Lamps

Incorporated into many digital inkjet printers, the Vzero line of UV curing lamps is considered a workhorse of the industry. Lamps are fabricated in different arc lengths and spectral fills. They are mostly found in equipment from Agfa Anapurna and Zund.

TCS Technologiesí line of Vzero lamps offers a cost effective alternative to OEM product. Our lamps provide high UV output, USA manufacture and predictable life.

Part numbers include 085A, 085D, 140H, 140D and 170D. These are addressed separately on our website.

Today, with profit margins shrinking, businesses are looking for ways to extend their printing budget. One such way is to install quality TCS Technologies lamps into their Agfa Anapurna and Zund printers. We manufacture reliable substitute lamps and quartz plates at a fraction of the OEM cost. You receive a USA-manufactured product at price certain to facilitate a stronger ROI.