Subzero 085H UV Inkjet Lamps

Another workhorse of the UV digital printing industry, the Subzero 085H is utilized in numerous inkjet and digital flatbed printers including Fuji, HP and Oce Arizona.

Normally the OEM sells this lamp mounted in a quick-change cassette. Typically this cassette sells for $800.00 in the US.

TCS Technologies has an alternative solution. While we do sell the lamp alone, most companies opt to have us install the lamp into their existing cassette. For only $65.00 additional to lamp cost, we clean, polish, and install a new TCS Technologies UV curing lamp into your existing cassette. You receive your cassette ready to fit directly back into your machine. Most companies opt for this service. Frankly it is the safest and easiest method. Typically, we have your cassette for one business day. At the time of this revision, you could have TCS Technologies rebuild 3-Subzero 085H style cassettes for the price of 1-OEM product.

For examples of cleaned Subzero-style cassettes, see our UV lamp installation section of this website.