3010105468 UV Inkjet Lamps

A mainstay in The Oce Arizona line of digital UV printers, lamp assembly 3010105468 is typically sold installed in a quick-change cassette. Typically this cassette sells for $800.00 in the US.

Rather than purchase a complete assembly, TCS Technologies has an alternative solution. For only $65.00 additional to lamp cost, we clean, polish, and install a new TCS Technologies UV curing lamp into your existing cassette. You receive your cassette ready to fit directly back into your machine. Most companies opt for this service. Frankly it is the safest and easiest method. Typically, we have your cassette for one business day. Based on pricing at the time of this revision, we can refurbish and install new UV lamp into your 3010105468 assembly 3-times for the price of 1-OEM assembly! For those who prefer a hands-on approach, we do sell the lamp alone. Considering you are only looking at a difference of $65.00, we think one is better off having us install the lamp.

Today, running a lean business is no longer an option. Terms such as lean manufacturing and lean business processes have become commonplace. TCS Technologies provides reliable, USA-manufactured substitute lamps for Oce Arizona.

You have placed a large investment in you Oce Arizona printer. We have helped numerous manufacturing and printing companies to better manage their technology investment. Let us help attain your goals of success and growth with cost-effective Oce Arizona replacement digital printing lamps.

For examples of cleaned Subzero-style cassettes, see our UV lamp installation section of this website.