UVPS-4A UV Inkjet Lamps

Lamp UVPS-4A is designed for use with HP and MacDermid ColorSpan printers. Lamp has 400-hour warranted life and cures most UV inkjet inks.

MacDermid ColorSpan style lamps require one pay close attention to the condition of the lamp holder (lamp socket). It is imperative the lamp holder (located in UV lamp housing) be kept clean. Both time and heat cause the spring contact in the lamp holder to relax causing poor electrical contact. Inspect and replace lamp sockets at the first sign of wear. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way keeping your printer operating at peak performance. Always be sure the lamp is seated correctly in the lamp holder. It is extremely easy to think UV lamp is correctly inserted when it is not. This is the first place to look should your lamp fail to light.

If you are printing on corrugated plastic and you have adhesion problems please see our TECHNICAL INFORMATION tab on this website. We have a different lamp that might be better suited. Contact TCS Technologies for details.

TCS Technologies provides reliable substitute for HP and MacDermid ColorSpan lamps. Since 1979, we have manufactured quality UV curing lamps right here in the USA. No order is too small and we ship worldwide. Our lamps are reliable and backed by 32-years of lamp-making excellence.