Subzero 085A UV Inkjet Lamps

The Subzero 085A is slightly longer with higher wattage than its cousin the Subzero 055A. Ceramic end cap and wire lengths are identical. Lamp comes in various spectral fills 085D, 085H for example. Printers include MacDermid ColorSpan, Fuji, HP, Inca, IP&I and Oce.

Like the 055A, this lamp is normally only available from the OEM mounted into a cassette.

TCS Technologies sells the 085A UV lamp alone or we can take your existing cassette, clean, polish and install a new TCS Technologies UV curing lamp. Most companies opt for us to install the lamp. Frankly this is the safest and easiest method. Either way, you save hundreds of dollars compared to the OEM product.

At the time of this revision, you could have TCS Technologies rebuild 3-Subzero 085A style cassettes for the price of 1-OEM product.

For examples of cleaned Subzero cassettes, please see our UV lamp installation section of this website.

TCS Technologies manufactures the lamps it sells. Remember, less expensive does not mean inferior quality. Our lamps are made in the USA and we have done so for thirty-two (32) years. We know what is required to produce a quality UV lamp. Trust TCS Technologies to provide a reliable product backed by years of UV lamp-making experience.