MAN-85AL-F UV Inkjet Lamps

At TCS Technologies we pride ourselves with giving honest evaluation of our products. At the time of this revision we are not manufacturing MAN-85AL-F lamp due to inconsistent warm-up performance. This lamp is designed for rapid warm up. The easiest way to accomplish this is by filling the lamp with a mildly radioactive material such Kr-85 (Krypton-85). If you recall, some years ago the accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant released about 50,000 curies of Kr-85 into the atmosphere.

At TCS Technologies we do not use any radioactive materials in our lamp manufacture. We suggest you obtain a MSDS sheet from your current supplier of MAN-85AL-F lamp. While we are not talking about Three Mile Island or Chernobyl amounts of radioactive material, you should be aware especially when it comes to disposing of your Mimaki MAN-85AL-F lamp. Lamps from the Far East are notorious for not disclosing what actually is in the products they manufacture.