H650 UV Inkjet Lamps

From an engineering standpoint the H650 is one of our finest designs. Lamp is a meld of high plasma temperature for maximum UV performance coupled with unique halogen process to guard against lamp blackening.

Typically the EFI Rastek H650 printer is shipped with a Chinese lamp. There is a night and day difference between the OEM lamp and the one we manufacture. We are conservative in our manufacturing claims but our H650 lamp truly is orders-of-magnitude better than the OEM Chinese product.

You can pay more but you will not find a better H650 lamp than from TCS Technologies.

We have helped numerous manufacturing and printing companies to better manage their technology investment. Let us help attain your goals of success and growth with cost-effective EFI Rastek replacement digital printing lamps.

Since 1979, we have manufactured quality UV curing lamps right here in the USA. No order is too small and we ship worldwide. Our lamps are reliable and backed by 32-years of lamp-making excellence.