A19429N UV Inkjet Lamps

Our A19429N UV lamp offers a cost effective alternative to OEM product. Typically used in both Gandinnovations (Gandi) (Agfa-Gandinnovations) Jeti and Durst Rho printers, our lamp offers high UV output, USA manufacture and predictable life.

Today's shrinking margins mean running a lean business is no longer an option. As businesses have adapted to tightening economic conditions, terms lean manufacturing and lean business processes have become commonplace. TCS Technologies provides reliable substitute for Gandi and Durst OEM lamps. This combined with our quartz plates certainly can help facilitate a stronger ROI.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and second source TCS Technologies UV lamps serve the same purpose and perform the same function. The ultimate choice is up to the print shop operator to decide which is best for them and their machine. Remember in most cases, buying a lamp from the OEM does not mean you get a better quality part. TCS Technologies provides an equivalent, American-made UV bulb at a fraction of the cost.

You have placed a large investment in digital printing. We have helped numerous manufacturing and printing companies to better manage their technology investment. Let us help attain your goals of success and growth with cost-effective OEM replacement digital printing lamps.