Integration Technology Style UV Inkjet Lamps

Integration Technology is a main player providing UV curing equipment to the digital printing industry. From an equipment standpoint they produce a quality product. Lamps utilized are segregated into two types; Subzero (cassette style with fixed lamp) and Vzero with user replaceable UV lamp.

We are not sure from whom or where the OEM lamps are manufactured; certainly not by elves in Sherwood Forest. From the looks of the latest generation of OEM lamps, we believe the Far East is the likely candidate. Certainly the ceramic and electrodes originated in China.

There are many false claims on the internet purported as fact. Some go so far as to claim we manufacture counterfeit or pirated lamps. Assertions about UV performance range from inane to ridiculous. If you believe some statements, certain lamps generate no heat, last 10,000 hours and run on batteries. Next they will be telling you their “poop” does not smell and they have never sold a bad lamp in their life.

At TCS Technologies we take the high road. We believe the ultimate choice is up to the print shop operator. Try our lamp; compare performance, lamp-life, price and warranty. See what is best for them and their equipment. We stand behind every lamp we manufacture and back it up with a complete no-nonsense warranty.

Let's keep it real, buying a lamp from the OEM does not guarantee you get a better quality part. TCS Technologies provides an equivalent UV bulb at a fraction of the cost. When the dust settles perhaps this is the root of the OEM discontent.