Discover that OEM quality does not need to come at a high cost. TCS Technologies manufactures UV curing lamps for virtually all curing and inkjet printing systems. Come save money with quality, American made, TCS Technologies UV lamps.

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Wood Finishing Ultraviolet Lamps

Using light instead of heat, the UV curing process has been in existence over 40-years. History has proven it a better alternative to solvent-based coatings, offering many no's......... no environmental pollutants, no solvents to evaporate, no long drying tunnels, no wasted floor space and no loss of coating volume.

UV curing is not all no's. There are many yeses...... yes it is environmentally responsible, yes it increases solvent resistance, yes it increases durability, yes it’s faster and the biggest yes, it saves you money. These are difficult economic times. To be relevant one must lower cost without sacrificing product performance. UV provides the edge increasing productivity, improving product quality, all the while under an environmentally-friendly umbrella.

Many cabinet shops and furniture manufacturers are now using ultraviolet (UV) curing. Cabinet doors are ideal candidates and greatly benefit by being able to be immediately handled post finishing. Moldings and intricate shapes can be sprayed and instantly cured in specially designed curing chambers. Guitar finishing has benefited greatly from UV application.

UV curing is an attractive option for high-end quality wood finishers. As a "green" technology, ultraviolet curing overcomes the limitations of solvent-based, thermally-cured coating producing a premium finish while in compliance with VOC environment mandates. Containing no organic solvents, there are no harmful emissions. Equipment can be cleaned with water. UV curing produces beautiful, stain resistant surfaces. Finished wood can be stacked immediately simplifying handling. Ultraviolet finishes cure incredibly fast permitting finishing lines to be shortened, line speeds increased and products to be immediately handled. Transfer efficiency (amount of material adhering to an object vs. the amount applied) is also significantly improved, particularly with roll coat and curtain coat application systems. This adds up to enhance your bottom line.

A UV finish is exceptionally durable. Abrasive and impact resistance tests are superior to solvent based materials. UV finishes are found on furniture, guitars, banjos, millwork, moldings, sheet goods and prefinished hardwood flooring. UV coatings can be sprayed (used on shaped objects, i.e. furniture) or applied in a flat line process for coating flat panels. Since UV systems cure instantly there is a reduced need for cooling air. Less air movement reduces the chance of “shop dirt” in the finish. Typically UV finishes will be a cleaner compared to solvent based finishes.

UV finishes do have their drawbacks mostly in the area of high capital investment costs. A UV application system will be a significant investment. Even with bargain basement equipment, a roller or curtain coater will cost anywhere from $60,000.00 and up. UV systems are technically advanced. Their high voltage nature requires employee training and unique troubleshooting experience. Optical and thermal parameters must be addressed. It is best to deal with companies actually manufacturing the product verses a distributor with limited technical knowledge.

There are many established players in the wood finishing UV equipment industry. These include Cattinair, Cefla, Delle Vedove (DV-Systems), Deimco, Dubois, Giardina, Hymmen, Makor and Efsen Engineering. As is the case with many industrial processes, established American and European names have given way to those from the Far East.

The most popular lamp for UV wood finishing is the standard mercury (Hg) lamp. It is long-lived and performs well over a wide range of coatings. For clear UV-curable coatings (top-coat), UVA and UVB [UV spectrum is divided into four regions: UVA (310 to 390 nm), UVB (280 to 310 nm), UVC (250 to 280 nm) and UVV (390 to 445 nm)] are the crucial output regions. Standard mercury vapor bulbs work the best for this type coating.

Many wood profile products use highly pigmented coatings, especially white. For white coatings thicker than 1.5 mils, a gallium-doped bulb followed by a regular mercury bulb provides optimum depth of cure together with good surface cure. Since the gallium iodide bulb provides depth of cure, it should be used before the mercury bulb.

Gallium iodide lamps cost more and have a shorter useful life. In general, operation of gallium lamps requires special ballast. Mercury lamps operate fine with metal halide (gallium) ballast but oftentimes you cannot run a gallium lamp with mercury ballast.

Today you have to work smarter and leaner. TCS Technologies can help. We offer an extensive line of replacement UV curing lamps for virtually all wood finishing equipment. Our lamps are direct OEM replacement providing first-class performance all the while saving you money.

Compare curing performance and price; you will see why TCS Technologies' UV curing lamps compares favorably to OEM bulb.

  • Our lamp is directly interchangeable with OEM product

  • Our lamp is fabricated from the finest USA quartz and components

  • Our lamp operates the same power level as OEM product

  • Our lamp cures at the same rate

  • Our lamp costs less

Purchasing a lamp from the OEM does not guarantee you get a better quality part. TCS Technologies provides an equivalent UV bulb at a fraction of the cost. After 32 years in the UV lamp business, we assure you there is no magic fairy dust and no secret formula in OEM lamps. Your ballast sees the same load whether it’s the OEM or a TCS Technologies lamp. What you see is the same performance, same life and more savings.

We invite you to learn more about our products and experience the quality and value we can bring to your business. Choose from our extensive range of mercury and gallium iodide lamps for most wood finishing equipment including:

American Ultraviolet Cattinair Cefla Delle Vedove
DV-Systems Deimco Dubois Giardina
Hymmen Efsen Engineering Hanovia Makor
Eltosch Koch Superfici

There are a multitude of lamp variations used in UV wood finishing. The table below references common UV curing lamps manufactured by TCS Technologies. Many more are available. If you cure with UV, TCS Technologies has the right lamp for you.

H15K/56/5C23S1 1932 H15K/56/083/3516 Y18K/60AC/5C23S1
601100064 PM211700 400-300 GA H15K/56AC/083/3516-G
H18K/60AC/108752 H18K/60AC+/5C24S1 Y15K/56AC/5C23S1 H15K/56AC/5C24S1
28-625-00132 28-625-00240 601100063 6254600067
1425AQX/GA 1425QX/GA 6254600024 9-52D018-000
9-52D016-000 9-52D011-000 9-52D019-000 A604042
A94111MCB 6556AC41 601100063 T923-380
2478 CK1500 6559AP41 1400/Max
1400MCX/TR 1400MC/TR 2-1678 2-1330
6612IP41 270302 011172TR 111140000000E
6555A12C UVH 14224-4 Codice 30L02182
UV200BPY/DF/GA/5 UVH 2028-8 HG330/0 HM330/C 410-DV
HA355C DUHM355/C-410 951 MD9
A94111FCB UVH20022 HA342-C2 A94481GCB
A94481MCD DUHM360-C DUHM360-C-410 6612AP41
HA312-C A94251GCB A94251MCB

Contained below are typical drawings of wood finishing UV lamps

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