Discover that OEM quality does not need to come at a high cost. TCS Technologies manufactures UV curing lamps for virtually all curing and inkjet printing systems. Come save money with quality, American made, TCS Technologies UV lamps.

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UV Curing Ballast

If the ultraviolet lamp is the heart of your curing system, then the ballast is the system's soul. Ballasts control the power in curing lamps, provide instantaneous high voltage and sustain the plasma. TCS Technologies offers replacement ballasts perfectly matched for your curing process. Ballasts are custom manufactured to meet your requirements.

We offer two types of ballasts magnetic (conventional) and electronic. Magnetic ballasts are the tried-and-true workhorse of the industry. They are used in dryers such as those made by American Ultraviolet, Brewer UV, Cefla, Liberty Apollo, Mark Andy, M&R, Prime UV and SPE. Electronic ballasts are compact and energy efficient. They are best suited for compact UV curing systems.

Besides custom magnetic ballasts, TCS Technologies offers a limited line of electronic ballasts. Presently we offer several electronic ballasts that operate small arc (1.5” to 5”) mercury or iron iodide lamps. Designed with the “do it yourself-er” in mind, ballasts are matched to provide turnkey 200 to 400 watt per inch ballast/lamp combination. They operate off 120 volt power and provide a compact and affordable curing solution. Presently we offer 400, 660 and 1000 watt for 120 volt operation and 1,500 watt for 208-240 volt operation.

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