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Mercury Relays

In conventional magnetic ballast/capacitor power supplies there is often a need to switch UV lamp power levels. The most popular switching method utilizes a high voltage mercury relay.  This allows complete electrical isolation between control and controlled circuit. These switches are manufactured specifically to withstand the high voltage demands of UV curing lamps. Our mercury relays offer an economical and safe method of switching UV lamp power.

UV power supplies operate at high ambient temperatures.  Mercury relays/switches are well suited for use in this environment. Load terminals are isolated from each other by a glass-to-metal hermetic seal. Internally the “plunger assembly” floats on a pool of mercury-hence the name mercury relay. When the coil is activated, this assembly is magnetically drawn into this pool displacing mercury to make contact with an internal electrode, closing (in the case of normally open relay) the circuit between load terminals.

Our 15 amp high-voltage mercury relay is ideal for applications such as UV lamp circuits. Dielectric insulating voltage exceeds 15,000V AC between load terminals and coil circuit.

Easily mounted, these relays offer long term reliability and compact size. Mercury relays are position-sensitive and must be mounted vertically to work properly.

Pictured below is a typical UV curing operating circuit showing UV ballast, capacitors, mercury relays and UV curing lamp placement.

TCS Technologies stocks two (2) different styles of 120 volt coil relays—normally open (NO) part # 112210 and normally closed (NC) part # 112212. Both are rated for operation up to 3500 volts—see drawing below.

We can also provide different coil voltage and contact pole arrangement. Contact factory for details.

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