Discover that OEM quality does not need to come at a high cost. TCS Technologies manufactures UV curing lamps for virtually all curing and inkjet printing systems. Come save money with quality, American made, TCS Technologies UV lamps.

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Digital UV Printing

No one needs to tell you there is a cloud hanging over the economy. The new reality for the printing industry or for that matter any industry, is how to deal with higher costs and soft demand. Obviously this is not a winning combination. Despite the challenges, companies that have included digital printing have been able to post positive results. Digital UV printing is cost-effective, easily customizable and environmentally friendly. Considered a Green Technology, digital UV printing has minimal impact on the environment. The technology has shown positive growth thanks to its many attributes.

These include:
  • Print-on-demand. By a simple mouse click one can easily update printed information. Gone are the days of high volume, long print runs. The end user has lower cash outlay and does not risk having outdated printed information on his shelf. This is a win-win situation brought about by digital printing.
  • Short run printing. No need for screen exposure, plate making and expensive make-readies. Digital UV offers lower set-up cost and faster delivered product. Both you and your client save money. Proofs are now delivered on-monitor allowing easy editing or color changes.
  • Personalized product. Signs, banners and the like can be seamlessly personalized. No other technology offers this cost effective alternative.

Applications for digital UV printing range from commercial and industrial to consumer products. An exciting development is in the label converting industry where digital printing enables converters to produce high end cost-effective label products.

At the core of digital printing industry is the UV curing lamp. With a typical life expectancy of 500-hours, UV curing lamps can be an expensive consumable. TCS Technologies offers a cost effective, USA manufactured alternative to the OEM product.

Today's shrinking margins mean running a lean business is no longer an option. Dealing with soft demand is difficult to address. In part this is due to persistent high unemployment and rising core costs forcing customers to tightly manage spending. For management to succeed they need to focus on reducing costs and finding a nitche market. Oftentimes this is why one got into UV digital printing in the first place. As businesses have adapted to tightening economic conditions, terms lean manufacturing and lean business processes have become commonplace. TCS Technologies provides reliable substitute digital inkjet lamps. This combined with our quartz plates certainly can help facilitate a stronger ROI.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and second source TCS Technologies UV lamps serve the same purpose and perform the same function. There are many false claims on the internet purported as fact. If you believe some statements, certain lamps generate no heat, last 10,000 hours and run on batteries. Assertions about UV performance range from inane to ridiculous. It is ironic; almost all these statements originate from companies who do not even manufacture UV lamps.

Let's keep it real, buying a lamp from the OEM does not guarantee you get a better quality part. TCS Technologies provides an equivalent, American-made UV bulb at a fraction of the cost. The ultimate choice is up to the print shop operator to decide which is best for them and their machine.

We have been manufacturing UV curing lamps for thirty two years in the United States. Over the years we have built a reputation for delivering performance, dependability, quality and value. Our UV curing lamps (bulbs) are designed for optimal printer performance and output quality. They are directly interchangeable with most OEM machines including AGFA Annapurna, ColorSpan, Flora, Gandinnovations (Gandi), EFI Rastek, Dilli, Durst, HP, Inca, Integration Technology, Oce, Mimaki, Teckwin, Vutek and Zund.

We have divided the Digital UV printing section of this website into several sections:

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